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Causes of Subluxation-3T’s

What causes this condition we refer to as a subluxation, if we said that it is not caused by pinched nerves?  I’ve referred to the founder of chiropractic before in this lecture and quote him again.  DD Palmer said over 100 years ago that
subluxations are caused by 3 T’s: thoughts, trauma & toxins.

This vertebral subluxation complex, is indeed, a complex condition that involves impaired function of the spinal joints, which may result in nerve interference, soft tissue damage (sometimes muscle), and decreased function and performance of the body.  This condition, a subluxation, has been said to be caused by one of 3 T’s, that is, either by thoughts, trauma or toxins.  This is because when thoughts cause subluxation it is probably due to stress which causes muscles to become tight.  By trauma, we mean any type of accident, whether involving any type of fall, vehicle, or sports related, etc.  Toxins refer to any substance harmful to the body, whether from the environment, work related, or even foods containing additives that are not good for the body.

Let’s look at how toxins can cause a subluxation.  Suppose someone ingests or swallows something that is an irritant, either a chemical that doesn’t belong there or just perhaps some junk food that probably doesn’t belong there either.  Well, guess what?  Your stomach wall contains sensory nerve
endings that transmit impulses to the 5th thru the 9th segments of your upper back.  Consequently, the message can travel from there to muscles in your abdomen and also your back, causing unequal tone, limiting the normal range of motion or hold one or more segments of the vertebral column in a position unnatural to the resting state, called by chiropractors – a subluxation.
For proof that such a mechanism must exist, in 1958, many years after DD
Palmer, a medical doctor by the name of Kamieth published a study in orthopedic and medical journals.  In this study 100 people had stomach and/or duodenal ulcers.  They were all x-rayed and 86% had scoliosis.  Sixty of these patients had a right scoliosis, 21 had a left scoliosis and five showed an S-shaped scoliosis.  Dr. Kamieth stated, “The percentile distribution of right-sided and left-sided scoliosis coincided with the percentages of duodenal and gastric ulcers.”  You see, the five that had an S-shaped scoliosis had both gastric and duodenal ulcers.  Furthermore, he had established that 83% had muscle spasms in their back and 90% showed pathological changes in the discs in their spine.

All right, back to the 3 T’s – Who can tell me what they are?  Maybe I should say that probably the only subluxations that have a single cause are probably those from trauma. Trauma, can range from major type accidents to simply the act of childbirth or the normal falls as a child.
Did you know the average child has 1,000 falls?  Trauma can produce undetected neurological damage.  Trauma can also be what we refer to as micro trauma.  That is a collection of repetitive insults to the body that happen regularly, perhaps as a result of your regular work. Most patients have plenty of all 3 T’s happening at the same time before this combination produces sufficient irritation that increases a nerve signal or message that will overcome the body’s normal ability to maintain a healthy, resting state and then you have a subluxation.  DD Palmer also referred to subluxations as a state of Dis-ease, which can lead to disease!

This is why some people have worked jobs involving hard manual labor with no problem, only to suffer unbelievable pain after stooping over to tie a shoe or pick up some light object.

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