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To understand the importance of Chiropractic, you have to understand the importance of the body’s nervous system.  The nervous system can well be described as the “master system” of the body, for it controls and coordinates all body functions from the most basic to the most complex. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves of the body, which convey messages we receive from the outside environment and from internal organs. The messages travel from the body to the brain and from the brain back to the tissues, muscles and organs of the body.  These messages allow the body to respond and adapt appropriately.  When these messages are disrupted, the body can lose optimum function and resistance and become vulnerable to disease.

The spinal cord is protected and surrounded by spinal bones called vertebrae. When nerves leave the spinal cord, they must exit through special passageways created by the unique shape and position of the spinal vertebra.  The spine however, has more functions than just to protect and house the spinal cord.  The spine is the frame for your body where muscles attach and enable you to move about, as well as to carry the weight of the body.  For this to happen, the spinal vertebrae were designed to maintain a certain alignment in relation to each other and also to allow them to move freely between each other.  However, for numerous reasons, the spinal vertebrae may no longer maintain this free movement or proper alignment.  This can place pressure on the nerves where they leave the spinal cord, causing them to suffer interference which can cause pain, but more importantly, it can prevent the messages from traveling to and from the brain.  When this happens, it is called the vertebral subluxation complex.

To rephrase what was just written, I have included a paragraph from Dr. Fritz Kahn’s  Men in Structure and Function:

“If an engineer were given a job of constructing the vertebral column – a flexible column consisting of 33 rings with 150 joints and almost 1,000 ligamentary connections capable of supporting a load of 500 pounds, and yet flexible and elastic – he would perhaps solve the problem tolerably well after a number of years of activity.  Yet he would not be able to equal or surpass the work of Nature [the Creator]. If on the day when he delivered his work, the further task was suggested to him of installing the spinal cord within the vertebral column, that is, of laying a nerve cord consisting of millions of wires that pass out between the rings and are not injured in the least by any normal movements of the spinal column itself or the body as a whole, the engineer
would certainly consider the suggestion the plan of a madman . . .”

This article points out the beauty and intelligent design of our
spine.  I just want to stress the point that our spines are designed so well that our nerves do not become pinched, as in a complete cut off of the flow of messages. Rather it is a disruption in the flow.

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