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You know, when I read stories from bygone days of immediate, almost miracle-like results from chiropractic adjustments, I wonder if they are fewer and farther between today.  I don’t believe it is because of the way chiropractic is practiced today, rather I believe it is due to the fact Americans have far more toxic bodies than they did even a decade ago.

If you are concerned about toxins you have been taking into your body, I would suggest you consider cleansing your body.  Of course, you have to first stop taking in those toxins at least before you begin a cleanse and also for as long as you are cleansing your body.  Cleanses do not have to be very complicated – just by reducing the amount of calories you take in by 30%, the body perceives it as fasting and immediately enters a state of detoxification.  A cleanse can be as simple as going on a fast (don’t eat food) and just substitute a fresh squeezed lemon in a glass of water with a small amount of grade B maple syrup added.  The acidity of the lemon will help to change the pH of your body.

There are also numerous commercial cleanses available.  They usually consist of some type of laxative (to help keep your bowels moving), some herbs to help detoxify the body as well as a form of fiber to help clean the walls of the digestive tract.  In my chiropractic practice I recommend a very comprehensive 21 day purification program, but I realize there are many types of cleanses out there and usually any type of cleanse is better than not cleansing at all (just follow instructions).  It is not uncommon to experience unpleasant symptoms while you try to do a cleanse.  If you find this to be the case,  you may just need to seek some advice on other things you can do to help you while cleansing.  Don’t feel bad, however.  In fact you may have to stop your cleanse and build up your body with good nutrition before you start the cleanse.  There is an old saying: “The body will speak to you gently and if you do not listen, it will start to raise its voice [in the form of symptoms].”