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Infant Colic

Diversified Chiropractic management of infantile colic

Andrea J. Hipperson

Clinical Chiropractic
Volume 7, Issue 4 , Pages 180-186, December 2004


Objective: To present two case studies in which the complete resolution of infantile colic and associated symptoms was achieved with chiropractic treatment. This case series supports the etiological mechanism of an imbalanced autonomic nervous system, via somatovisceral reflexes secondary
to regional cranial and spinal dysfunction. In addition, they provide support
towards the birth process being a causative factor in the development of colic.

Setting: Private chiropractic practice.

Subjects: The first case involved a 7-week-old male infant presenting with medically diagnosed colic, with associated reflux and disturbed sleep, all of which were persistent since birth. The second infant, aged 10 weeks, had suffered maternally diagnosed colic for approximately 1 month. Associated
symptoms included some vomiting and asymmetry with breast-feeding. Both infants demonstrated many typical colic characteristics and had experienced birth trauma. Upper cervical, mid thoracic, sacroiliac and cranial dysfunction was recorded in both cases.

Methods: Each infant received diversified pediatric chiropractic manipulation to the areas diagnosed as dysfunctional. Treatment was provided over a 3-week period, though the intensity differed for the two infants.

Results: Complete resolution of all presenting symptoms was achieved in both instances.

Conclusion: These cases suggest a possible association between birth trauma; the development of cranial and spinal segmental dysfunction and consequential manifestation of symptoms of infantile colic. Secondly, they
demonstrate chiropractic treatment successfully restoring correct spinal and
cranial motion, with an associated resolution of symptoms.

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